ISEDUC Presents: 'Romero' Film & Discussion

date: Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

time: 7 PM

description: ISEDUC (Salavadorean Initiative for Education and Culture) Presents a Film and Discussion to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the death of Archbishop Oscar Romero, human rights activist.

In El Salvador, the new bishop speaks out against the death squads and the terror campaign the government is using in an attempt to crush the guerilla war that is being waged against them. This is seen as disloyality and the number of priests attacked goes up and even churches are shut down by the government. Based on a true story, Romero was assassinated in March, 1980.

Romero is the true story of the catholic priest Archbishop Oscar Romero who lived in El Salvador during the political unrest in the 1980s. The government has launched a 'terror campaign' against the guerillas in an attempt to crush them. Archbishop Romero's protests against governments' actions is perceived as disloyalty. As an example to others, the government begins to destroy churches and murder priests. Despite persecution, Romero continues to speak out against the atrocities the government is committing against the people of El Salvador, until his untimely death.

coordinator: Jeanette Huezo

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