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Thank you for your interest in the Lucy Parsons Center! Please take your time to fill out this form with care and sincerity. The information that you provide below will be taken seriously and will directly affect how we respond to your request.

Policy Regarding Space Use:

  1. All space requests must be approved by the LPC collective, which could take as long as 2 weeks, please plan accordingly.
  2. All events and meetings must be open to the general public. We do not have the proper facilities to provide for "safe spaces."
  3. The Lucy Parsons Center's mission is to provide a space for people of all races, ethnic groups, and sexual orientation. This is not a space for hate groups, groups who do not support the right to choose or groups that discriminate in any way. We want all groups using our space to agree with this mission.
  4. We generally host events only during our regular hours. We will consider remaining open beyond our regular hours, but such a request is subject to approval and will take time to process.
  5. The store will remain open during all events and meetings.
  6. Groups using the space at LPC will be responsible for cleaning up after themselves.
  7. The Lucy Parsons Center Collective reserves the right to change this policy at any time.

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