We are always excited about having new people come and join us. This section gives you some information about how you can get involved in the project.

Collective Members

Most members of the collective work a 3-hour shift once a week, others take on some additional task (such as bookkeeping, book ordering, events coordinator, volunteer coordinator, and more). Most of our decisions regarding the store are made at our steering committee meetings, which happen twice a month. You can read more in our section on the collective.


Training consists of six 3-hour shifts with a collective member. We ask that a trainee is trained by a minimum of 3 different collective members. Shifts times are variable, as our hours are dependent on a volunteer schedule. During these trainings, the collective member will acquaint you with the store, our politics and our policies, as well as teach you how to work the register, take sales, and other store tasks. We require that you train during both an opening and closing shift so that you are at least familiar with opening the store for business, and counting down the register and locking up at night.

After completing your trainings, we ask that you send an introductory message to a collective member to forward to our listserv. This is a way to introduce yourself to collective members who do not get a chance to meet you during your training shifts.

Finally, we require that trainees attend at least one collective meeting.

If you are interested, contact the bookstore and tell us that you would like to set up your first training shift. If you have other questions, feel free to contact us.